Improve Memory whilst sleeping


Is it possible to boost your brainpower while getting a good night’s sleep? Well according to
a study it is by listening to music!

According to a new study if you have music that’s in sync with brain oscillations, or the repetitive rhythm that represents activity, can help improve your memory. (Via ScienceDirect)

According to the Daily Mail, researchers have known for a while that slow brain oscillations are important to retain memory. Now, sound can be used to improve those oscillations.

 “Researchers say slow rhythms are best and that stimulation that is out of sync doesn’t help. They also say in-sync rhythms can make slow-wave sleeps last longer.” (Via WXYZ)

These conclusions were drawn by researchers in Germany by tested 11 people. They interchanged between sound exposure while sleep and a placebo. Before they went to sleep, the participants memorized word associations. (Via Nature World News)

The researchers discovered after listening to music while sleeping the participants did a better job of remembering the associations than those who didn’t sleep with music. (Via Counsel and Heal)

Medical Daily points out that using music as a research tool is nothing new when it comes to studying the brain.

A recent study showed brain patterns can predict what music people are most likely to buy.

 And a 2010 study showed music can be used as therapy for Alzheimer’s disease. (Via PBS)

 So, what could come of this new study? In a press release the researchers said the findings could do more in the future than just improve sleep.

 “…it might be even used to enhance other brain rhythms with obvious functional significance—like rhythms that occur during wakefulness and are involved in the regulation of attention.”(Via EurakAlert!)

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