The London Protests

A protest involving up to half a million people in central London turned violent and resulted in more than 30 minor injuries and the arrests of around 200 people.

The Trade Union Congress, or TUC, organized the march in protest of deep public spending cuts.  After what was reported as a “mostly peaceful march,” a break away group began busting in to high end stores and attacking police with light bulbs filled with ammonia.  (Video: ITN)

One writer for The Daily Mail says the breakaway group hurt the cause with its violence.

“Yesterday I saw a decent, respectable TUC march hijacked by thugs, vandals and a clueless pack of self-righteous protesters. … They do if, like the TUC protesters, they’re dignified and well controlled. The thugs I saw were shooting themselves in the foot in a mad, counter-productive, wicked way.”

But one writer for The Nation says, the violent protesters are just a product of class warfare.

“It’s easy for us old veterans to heap scorn on the few hundred anarchist punks … whose appetite for mixing it up with the police threatens to hijack the headlines, and the airtime, earned by the hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters. But when the political system seems sclerotic and unresponsive dissent will find other avenues.”

“A handful of protesters getting a bit out of hand.  The rest of the protest as best we can tell, was not as unruly.” (Video: CNN)

“That was a peaceful demonstration against government spending cuts.” (Video: BBC)

Some believe U.S. coverage of the protests didn’t accurately portray the violence that occurred. A writer for Pajamas Media’s Tatler blog suggests Americans should pay particular attention to the London protest.

“CNN has given powderpuff coverage to the violence.  ‘The march was largely peaceful apart from isolated skirmishes between protesters and police, authorities said,’ they falsely report. … Americans should take careful note of events, for the London mob has American cousins who share similar attitudes about budget cuts.”

And another writer for The Daily Mail adds- even BBC’s coverage was biased.

“As usual, they didn’t even know they were doing it, but the BBC took sides on the TUC protest, even before it had begun. The Corporation and the TUC instinctively recognise each other as allies. Both depend on public money.  This helps to explain the Corporation’s spasm of blatant partiality this weekend.”

BBC reports clean-up after the incident could cost “tens of thousands” of pounds.

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