Michelle Obama’s Breast-Feeding Controversy

A new change in federal tax law offers a benefit for mothers to

not everyone involved in government is happy with that.

It’s no secret Michelle Obama is an advocate for preventing childhood obesity. Her latest support goes to breastfeeding Moms… and who could’ve seen the controversy train coming on that one? Some conservatives are fighting against the first lady because, they say, it’s not the government’s job to pressure women one way or the other.

CNN interviewed a radio talk-show host who was for breastfeeding, but against a ‘nanny state’ government.

DANA LOESCH: “As far as breastfeeding is concerned, I realize that the White House is trying to exert some influence over businesses to offer, to be more breastfeeding friendly. Again, fantastic, but I don’t think that it’s the government’s role to direct business in that. Leave that choice up to the individual businesses, to the parents, to the individual period.”

…but a blogger for Babble says it IS important for women to breastfeed, and the support is welcomed.

“ Some progressives said…It’s possible to see the First Lady’s support of breastfeeding as a case of pro-breastfeeding bullying. Personally, …I’m grateful that Mrs. Obama is stepping up to make this an important part of her campaign.”

NBC Nightly News highlighted the response of the sometimes infamous Sarah Palin, who makes light of the topic.

PALIN: “It’s no wonder Michelle Obama’s telling everybody you better breastfeed your  babies because I’m looking at her and I’m going yeah you better, the price of milk is so high right now. (laughter) Regardless of the political… you know, do it for economic reasons.”

…but there’s no partisan line drawn in the sand–not all progressives are against Mrs. Obama’s latest cause.

The New York Times reports that some conservatives stood up for Mrs. Obama and said it was a healthier choice.

Fox News interviewed a correspondent of theirs who called the first lady’s stance on breastfeeding a “nanny state on steroids”.

SANDY RIOS: “There’s nothing wrong with promoting breastfeeding, I’m all in favor of that, but you have to remember that 75-percent of American women already breastfeed! We’re talking about a problem that is specifically in the black community, and so for you to change federal law and IRS regulations and start forcing businesses to make accommodations for nursing women at their own expense, to promote it to the black community is the problem that I have with it.”

Inside Edition says no matter the side you pick…“There’s only one sure thing about this issue—both sides will milk it for all it’s worth.”

So what do you think? Breast is best? Or do you not give two “hooters” about it?

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